Rick Hekman


Photocredits: Natasha Nefedyeva (New York), Katya Iushkevich (St. Petersburg)

Dutch Photography Experience is a program of events, presenting Dutch photography in Russia.
Whatever may be said about photobook publishing in the digital era of the 21st century, photobooks are alive and kicking.
They are thriving, to be more precise. Modular space of the printed matter - paged, sequenced, folded and bound - provides contemporary makers with the ultimate presentation platform and a distribution model.
Dutch photobooks are internationally recognized by a professional artistic and design community. The quality of both photography and design and the fine balance between these two elements immediately put Dutch publications in the forefront of the discipline.
The show, hosted by Contemporary Art Museum Erarta, St. Petersburg, will run from 29 November 2013 to 13 January 2014 and will include a public programme of talks, guided tours, and a series of workshops for young practitioners.
The exhibition opens with a gallery of nearly 100 photobooks inviting the viewers to dive into the context of current photography publishing in the Netherlands. It continues further focusing on works of eight artists and one collective/publishing house looking into their work process, inspirations, and the role publications play within the larger context of their projects. Presentations include final books, dummies, prints, video interviews, and explore design decisions made.

Location: Dutch Photography Experience. Museum of contemporary art Erarta, St. Petersburg, Russia.
For more information visit the website: fotodepartament.ru
Runtime: 29 November - 13 January 2014.
Presented photobook: Rick 28 jaar vrijgezel.