Rick Hekman

Trash the House #3

Poster design: Rick Hekman + Suzanne Somer.

Trash the House is a project where Suzanne Somer invites artists, musicians and others in her house to transform the spaces. She invited me to be her first artist in residence.

Trash the House #3 with Annemieke Louwerens and Rick Hekman.
For more information about the project visit: trashthehouse.tumblr.com.

Post from RICOH THETA. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA
This photo is made with the use of a camera from Permanent Future Lab.

Photo: Elske Verdoorn.

Photo: Elske Verdoorn.

Duo exhibition.
Location: No-pressure project space: Trash the House. The Hague, The Netherlands.
Runtime: 4 December - 31 December 2015.