Rick Hekman

Carousel Slideshow fest

Poster design: Rick Hekman

Carousel Slideshow fest showing carousels of found footage and edited slide treasures, bringing together a diverse group of artists with their own ideas and perspectives. Prehistoric civilizations had their Parietal art and caves and Mid-20th- century photographers had their slides and projectors. Slides may be seen as remnants of pre digital life, a way to share a story. The experience of setting up the screen, the carousel and showing image after image taking you back to early childhood and vacations. The slide as object makes you more aware of image than any screen we use nowadays. You don't try to look through an IPad, trough a slide you have to.

Annemieke Louwerens - moulinrouge
A selection of faded and tinted slides.

Rick Hekman - A sunday morning '80
Found slides, photographed by Ceramics artist Roel Mollema.

Running a slide projector
See an image projected through light and get that magic look in your eyes by running a slide projector. Several projectors are set up to be run by visitors. By pushing the button, projected images appear and disappear. A random and ongoing feast of image just to be determined by chance.

Polaroid Polaprinter slide copier
A different relic; the Polaprinter slide copier turns your slide into a Polaroid.

Matthias Grothus
Rick Hekman
Tessa van Helden
Annemieke Louwerens
Farah Rahman
Chantal Rens

Friday 7 July: 19:00 - 23:00 PM
Saturday 8, Sunday 9 July: 13:00 - 17:00 PM

SUE_DAS LAB Noordeinde 16, The Hague, The Netherlands.

A project by Nena Milinkovic and Rick Hekman.