Rick Hekman

Scan Photoboooks

In recent years we have seen a rise of self-published photobooks. This consolidates and confirms a new form of creation, an expression closely related to emerging contemporary photography. For this reason, and for the second consecutive year, SCAN Tarragona Festival wants to highlight the quality of these self-published photobooks, not only as a means of expression, but also as a new way of presentation of the work
Espai Tabacalera, Tarragona, Spain.

Location: Scan Tarragona Festival internacional de fotografia. Tarragona, Spain.
Runtime: 16 October - 21 December 2014.
For more information visit the website: Scan.cat

Scan Photoboooks was Re-exhibited in 'The Folio Club' gallery in Barcelona, Spain.
Runtime: 5 - 27 February 2015.
Presented photobook: 7 Hoog