Rick Hekman

Fauna #3 - The City

Fauna is a young initiative based in The Hague, creating one-night platforms presenting music, art and innovative projects. Founded to break through the boundaries of existing cultural islands, Fauna aims to outline a space where new creative forms find stage and audience.

In third edition of Fauna, we examine our own natural habitat. Just as animals and plants find life under the cascades of concrete, brick, glass and steel, so do we appropriate our own city, its spaces, its social choreography to our own, in ways that might not be intended so by the original creaters - even if those were us.

We invited a selected group of artist and musicians to explore, devour, digest, and use the notion of the 'city', both as people and as urban animals. Special liveacts and DJ sets, commissioned artworks and other one-night experimentations is what awaits us in the catacombs of HOOP.

FAUNA is a unique experience, in that it brings together the best of many worlds, creating both an informal space for cultural dialogue between people of all kind, as well as providing a night-out of dance-oriented experimental music.

Group exhibition.
Location: HOOP, The Hague, The Netherlands
For more information visit the website: faunalive.com/
Runtime: 10 December 2016, 20:00 - 02:00.