© 2014 Rick Hekman

Photography & design:
Rick Hekman.
Ando Calff & Meischke.
Boekbinderij Patist.
16 x 23,5 cm (6,3 x 9,25 inch).
This publication is made possible by:
Stroom Den Haag.
Fonds kwadraat.
€ 13,-

7 Hoog

From my own apartment, I observed and photographed for one and a half year what was happening
down on the ground. I picked out 'private' actions and events occurring in that public place.
The place itself is a strange kind of no-man's-land where people create their own world.

Reality and our perception play an important role when looking at the photographs. In the first
instance they are 'normal' everyday situations in which you may not immediately notice or see
what actually takes place, but because of the collection of images, design, selection and sequence,
the photographs will get another atmosphere, and questions may arise.

This photo book is my recreation of this place. The location, the things that happen and the
people in it are temporary. But when I took the photos and documented them within the photo
book, they became evidence of this place.

7 Hoog is a reference to the 7th floor of a building.